perfume oil

They may be small, but there’s a lot that goes into making a perfume oil

ever wondered what goes into them & how they’re made?

here’s a snapshot of what goes on during the process…

perfume oils contain highly concentrated elements & extracts

which some find less irritating on the skin compared to alcohol based products

Our collection of perfume oils

are free from parabens & alcohol

cruelty free perfume oil

Cruelty free

& not tested on animals

as alcohol evaporates, it takes away the fragrance & your own natural body oils along with it

oils will cling to the skin & scent will linger for hours

Perfume oils are hand poured into glass vials and topped with a stainless steel applicator

perfect when you are on the go & need a quick freshen up

high quality glass bottle will withstand life’s little mishaps


Perfume will evaporate quicker on dry skin

Apply lotion to moisturise the skin prior to application

Pulse points produce heat

Apply perfume oil to pulse points for superior scent release


spoil yourself or someone special

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