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eye Pillow

Crosses on Black work eye pillow melbourne designer cotton

indulge in a natural linseed eye pillow


helps balance the nervous system & calm the mind


use your eye pillow for



sore eyes




eye pillows can be used at room temperature or heated & cooled

the gentle heat & weight of eye pillows are fantastic for migraines & mini-recharges

reduces eye strain, helps relieve stress

eye pillow melbourne australia

place in freezer for quick relief of tired & sore eyes

refreshing in the summer months

filled with

eye pillow designer australia yoga


Flax, Linum usitatissimum

locally sourced & natural
gentle on sensitive eye area


dual thread professional stitchinghomebodybaby melbourne

dual thread stitching

SEWN PROFESIONALLYhomebodybaby melbourne

sewn professionally using quality industrial machines

cottongrey homebodybaby melbourne

100% cotton natural & soft

made in melbourne

made in melbourne