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long heat pack

Whether you’ve got aches & pains or just need a little comfort,  a heat pack is the ultimate natural relief

Our long heat packs are uniquely designed with sections only on the reverse

Perfect versatile size for around the neck or back

Long heat packs come with dust cover bag

HEATING ICON grey home body baby melbourne


Heating packs are great for

Aches & Pains | Comfort | Inflammation

COOLING Icon grey home body baby melbourne


Place in freezer for quick relief to

Burns & Injuries


Helps balance the nervous system & calm the mind

touch sensory touch sensory

Heat packs can be great  for people with sensory needs

Gently massaging the grains provides sensory procipetation, stimulating other senses and providing calming relief to everyday stresses of life

calm nervous system sensory Home body baby

filled with



Organic, & Locally sourced

Excellent heat retention & longevity

Safe for people with nut allergies


dual thread professional stitchinghomebodybaby melbourne

Dual thread stitching

SEWN PROFESIONALLYhomebodybaby melbourne

Sewn professionally using quality industrial machines

cottongrey homebodybaby melbourne

100% Cotton natural & soft

made in melbourne

Made in Melbourne